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Our day to day activities working with vessels and project cargoes has provided us with a detailed knowledge and understanding of different marine vessels from a technical and operational perspective and has allowed us to form good relationships with UK and European  shipowners and operators.


This knowledge and experience allows MPS to make well informed decisions when selecting the correct vessel size and type for your cargo requirements, shipment budget and location of cargo. 


Our team are experienced in chartering a range of vessel types indicated below:

- Short Sea Coastal Vessels

- Heavy Lift Geared Vessels

- Roll on / Roll off Vessels 

- Flat Top Pontoon Barges

- Inland River Vessels

- Tugs for barge towage

- PSV's for supply contracts

- Floating Cranes and Sheerlegs


MPS has formed a joint venture with Norway based Ugland Construction AS which own and operate fleet of Sixteen North Sea type Offshore barges and Heavy Lift Crane Vessel of 800te capacity and high reach capability, for vessel specifications and example projects CLICK HERE.

Please contact us to see how we can assist you with your chartering requirements. 

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