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At MPS we don't leave things to chance we appreciate the importance of conducting the right engineering for the service / combination of services we are providing. As part of our internal process we start our engineering from the time we receive an enquiry to ensure we are considering the best options which ensures the accuracy of our quotations and operational feasibility of our proposals.

Each project is unique, therefore we tailor the engineering requirements to suit to scope of work, location and type of activity we are undertaking, this includes clear and accurate AutoCAD drawings.


Some examples of the project engineering we undertake are shown below:

- Crane Lift Plan Drawings

Deck Layouts / Vessel stow plans 

- Simple / Complex Lift Arrangements

- Sea-fastening / Grillage Arrangements

- Ballast Plans / Ballast Procedures

- Bollard Pull Calculations

- Stability, motion and mooring analysis

- Structural analysis for deck and hull strength

Please contact us to see how we can assist you with your project engineering requirements. 

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