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MPS always looks to provide the right solution for your project requirements from the handling of your heavy and abnormal cargo through to any additional services that may be required to support the project and ensure it's efficiency and cost effectiveness:

We provide a range of additional services either as stand alone items or as part of a larger project scope, see an example list below for some of the services we can provide:

- Stevedoring / Rigging Labour for onboard & shoreside operations

- Welding / burning crews for sea-fastening and deck clean down

- Non Destructive Weld Testing (NDT)

- Loading/Unloading of Containers, Flat Rack and Mafi cargo

- Cherry Picker (MEWP) operations 

- Equipment Rental & Site Facilities

- Provision of Lift Equipment

Specific Wind Farm Component Services:

- Removal of sea transport feet and lift points 

- Palletising / Crating of returnable equipment

- Dismantling of blade transport cages

- Component  cleaning services

- Preparation of electrical power connections

- Inspection and scheduled turning of components in storage

- Production of inventory / packing lists

Please contact us to see how we can assist you with your projects requirements. 

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