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MPS own and operate a small fleet of reach stackers that can be operated with container spreaders or a single point hook attachment for improved flexibility and increased handling capacity. When operated in tandem they have a lift capacity of approx. 100te.

Our reach stackers often provide an efficient and cost effective alternative to other handling methods for moving cargo from the ships side, placing into storage and re-loading from storage, they are particularly suited to operating where space is at a premium.

They allow the cargo / components to be stored close together but can re-handled with ease and efficiency as they are free to move from one location to another without any set up time. When fitted with the single hook attachment a large range of items can be handled to cover multiple activities required as part of the project.

Our machines are ideal for operations within the port environment as well as construction sites and can be easily transported around the UK as required.


When utilising our reach stackers MPS manage the entire lifting process and any additional services within the port environment with in house, trained, competent and experienced lifting personnel.


All operations are conducted with a high focus on safety and in accordance with current UK legislation and approved codes of practice. Our services include step by step method statements, specific risk assessment as  required.

Please contact us to see if our reach stackers can assist your project requirements. 

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